Here you will determine what type of skin you have before purchasing products without the proper knowledge.

Let's Talk Skin

"Why does my skin type matter?"

Due to misinformation or a lack of information, many people misdiagnose themselves as having a completely wrong skin type and then end up buying products that they don't need or that may actually be damaging to their skin. Using the wrong product can result in aggravation, dryness, acne, or older-looking skin. Knowing what skin type you have will reduce the odds of this, significantly. Plus, once you crack this code it becomes easier to navigate your skincare altogether.

There are four main categories:

  • Dry or Oily

  • Resistant or Sensitive, which includes acne, allergic, or stinging

  • Pigmented or Non-Pigmented (age spots and sun exposure)

  • Wrinkled or Non-Wrinkled or Tight 

Here are the primary characteristics of each skin type:


  • Oily Skin – Characterized by enlarged pores and excessive oils, that generates shine on the surface, blocking the pores. This causes blackheads and blemishes. You may, on occasion, experience some tightness.  Here are our product selections for Oily Skin Types:

Body & Facial GLOW ScrubTurmeric Glow Scrub, Facial Glow Toner, Facial Glow Serum, Vegan Glow Gloss, Glow Balm, and African Black Soap.

  • Dry Skin – Often feels tight after cleansing, is prone to fine lines, flakes easily, and develops red patches. Dry skin also tends to feel rough because it lacks moisture.  Here are our product selections for Dry Skin types:


Facial Glow Toner, Body & Facial GLOW Scrub, Turmeric Glow ScrubWhipped Body Butter, Whipped Body Butter Scrub, Aloe Glow Butter, Vegan Glow Gloss, Glow Balm, and Facial Glow Serum.

  • Sun-Damaged Skin – Characterized by tight, "leathery-type" skin, fine wrinkles, changes in the skin’s pigment, sagging skin tissue and broken capillaries, very small blood vessels that carry blood away from the Heart. Try our products for Sun-Damaged Skin Types:


Facial Glow Toner, Aloe Glow Butter, Facial Glow Serum, Lavender Bath Salts, Vegan Glow Gloss, Glow Balm, African Black Soap, and Whipped Body Butter.

  • Combination Skin – A combination of oily and dry skin. Oily skin is most commonly found on the forehead, nose, and chin, this is called the T-zone. However, dry skin is frequently a problem on the cheeks. Occasional breakouts and larger-than-normal pores on the nose are also frequently found on individuals with combination skin.  Here are our product recommendations for Combination Skin types:

Facial Glow Toner, Whipped Body Butter, Vegan Glow Gloss, Glow Balm, Facial Glow Serum, Aloe Glow Butter, African Black Soap, Turmeric Glow Scrub, and Body & Facial Glow Scrub.

  • Sensitive Skin – Characterized by thin, delicate skin and small pores. Sensitive skin is also easily irritated by harsh soaps and medications, reactive to stress, and sensitive to changing weather patterns. Rashes, allergic reactions, and easily flushed skin are also common.  Here are our product recommendations for Sensitive Skin types:

Whipped Body Butter, Aloe Glow Butter, Vegan Glow Gloss, Glow BalmAfrican Black Soap, Facial Glow Serum, and Facial Glow Toner.


Knowing your skin type is the first step toward achieving clear, glowing, young skin and it will save you time and money.  Here at Pinkdose, our products are made with natural ingredients for each specific skin type.



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