Pinkdose Co. was created when Dwanae' Allick, owner, couldn't find anything to help her eczema. She tried store-bought products and even medications (mild-strong), however, none of it worked.


Ironically, she was into beauty and skincare so she decided to research natural remedies for eczema relief. After months of educating herself, she finally made her very first product: Whipped Body Butter. It solved the problem she was dealing with for years. She was able to gain her confidence back and wear what she wanted without feeling insecure anymore.

Pinkdose Co. was established to provide a natural skincare line that's perfect for everyone! Our passion for inner confidence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. It’s usually the most ordinary products that can make the biggest difference in our daily lives. And at Pinkdose co., we believe in always offering self-confidence and great customer service for beautiful, healthy skin!

Dwanae' wants women to see that you can overcome those insecurities about themselves by using products that actually help!


"..Receiving a Pinkdose Co. package gives you that self-care that you need to be able to finish the day out strong, with peace of mind and self-love. That's what we offer at Pinkdose, for women to use our products and change the way they look at themselves, positively. When you practice self-care, everything in your life (good or bad) is looked at more healthily. God made you exactly whom you were meant to be! So along this journey called life, the least we can do is allow you to gain confidence, love, healing, and peace."

-Dwanae' Allick



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